Nostalgia Productions – Antique & Classic Vehicles Blog is a website launched by car enthusiast Jerry Caplinger. A dedicated aficionado of antique and classic vehicles, Jerry admires the rich histories behind these vehicles. It all began when he purchased his first classic vehicle. Since then, he has been on a long journey with cars. This […]

Welcome classic and antique car enthusiasts!

I would like to introduce myself as Jerry Caplinger. I produce and shoot my own films for my blog Nostalgia Productions. If you’re wondering what is it all about, well it’s simple really – this blog is all about classic cars.

What is Nostalgia Production?

It is a blog website where I can channel out my work and share it with the online community. As a dedicated enthusiast myself, I want to show my love and admiration for these vintage vehicles.

These media outlets are where I can share my passion and appreciation for classic cars. It allows me to depict what each car I feature has gone through and tell the stories behind it. What makes it special, how it is unique from other cars, and many more. Even with quite an amount of emotion involved in these films, I make sure to share the best of my work.

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