Nostalgia Productions – Antique & Classic Vehicles Blog is a website launched by car enthusiast Jerry Caplinger. A dedicated aficionado of antique and classic vehicles, Jerry admires the rich histories behind these vehicles. It all began when he purchased his first classic vehicle.

Since then, he has been on a long journey with cars. This journey led to the inception of his Nostalgia Productions Blog. This website is basically a one-man classic car show. Jerry does everything on this blog by himself – from editing, producing, and even directing his own car films. As a talented photographer, he’s responsible for capturing the beautiful images of cars featured on his website.

Every vehicle featured on this blog is part of a list of cars Jerry would want to own and drive someday.


Nostalgia Productions focuses on the passion associated with being a classic or antique car enthusiast. It’s because our cars help us reach and travel to the most important places in our lives. It helps us get back home, go to work, bring our families everywhere, and more. Each car has been on a journey with its owner, storing emotions and stories behind it. Nostalgia Productions’ films aim to document these stories. It gives the audience a glimpse of the history and stories behind a classic vehicle. In other words, the car and its owner are placed into the spotlight. They are the main characters for the films this blog produces.

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