The Ultimate Debate on Cars: To Restore or Modify


Ultimate Debate on Cars

Throughout history, there has been this question of the chicken and the egg, which came first? Many have not been able to answer this question in agreement, and it always elicits debate. Now there is the question by the restomod experts on whether to restore or modify. Each supporter of this issue bring their views and insist on supporting their side.

Restoration is a Way of Preserving the History

Restoration involves restoring a car to its original factory condition with the help of OEM parts. For traditionalists, restoration is a way of keeping history for others to see how cars were like in the past days. The car acquires a perfect condition. The collectors see it as their work to keep the vehicle to its original form and, if not possible, at least keep it as close as possible to the original structure.

Classic to Modern Times

People against restomod cars work to keep the look of the classic car, but at the same time want to improve some aspects such as safety, comfort, and performance. On the outside, it will look like the original classic version, but at the same time add modern components. Although they keep the original parts that can be used to restore the vehicle to its original form, critics argue that once you mess with the original make, it can no longer be called original.

Which Side Do You Support?

You are likely to find yourself in the middle of this debate; however, if the car is a rare model, keep it original. If the owner of the car wants to use it in the modern roads, adding some modifications such as a better braking system and safety belts will be logical.

Keeping the History or Acquiring Comfort?

If your car is only coming out during classic shows, then keep it as a piece of history. However, if you intend to be using your vehicle regularly, modification might be necessary.

OEM parts pose a challenge

Restomod cars are popular because OEM parts are costly and hard to find. This leaves the restoration using modern elements as the option.

Upgrading is Mandatory for a Better Ride

Many companies can easily modify your car to ensure you enjoy your ride and, at the same time, ensure safety.

Does Modification Lower the Value?

Some classic cars will have a higher value in their original form. Nevertheless, some people will be looking for modified vehicles that will ensure safety and comfort.

Another Line of Thinking

Recently, there has been a difference between European and US car lovers. Most European line of thinking prefers cars in their original form while Americans concept prefer the cars shiny and assuming a new car’s look.

In this view, restoration is translated to mean that the vehicle has not been changed, and its original form remains. If the original parts have failed, they are rebuilt using the original specs. Painting remains the same, and interiors are not changed to remains as tangible evidence of history.

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