The Best Classic Honda Cars


Classic Honda Cars

Founded in Japan in 1948, Honda has been one of the world’s best automobile manufacturing companies in the world. And while their retail class models have been a huge hit among the middle-class economy, classic Hondas have also gained quite some reputation in the recent years. Recently I found that they are offering a Military discount all year long.

Classic Honda Cars

Honda has released multiple affordable sedans and hatchbacks that have made it a popular consumer choice all over the world. However, they have been developing their collection of classic cars since the company’s inception as well. Let us have a look at some of the most famous classic Hondas:

1970 Honda Z600

The first-ever Honda model to be sold commercially in the USA, the Z600 was loved by the consumers for its quirky design and powerful performance. The car had an engine with 588 cc-power that’s why its name was kept Z600.

Although it had a very short life span upon its initial release, the Z600 was bought back to life in 2008 by the legendary Eric Burns. Eric went on to break the record for stock body produced cars with 750 cc engines by running the car at a top speed of 103.978 mph.

1973 Honda Civic

One of the best sellers for the company since its inception, the Honda Civic made its debut way back in 1973 in the USA. While the current Civic can be bought in a hatchback, sedan, or coupe model, the first generation Civic was available only as a sedan or hatchback.

Civic was a role model for cars of that generation. With more than adequate features, the car was decently prized and became one of the fastest-selling cars in history. It was said that people had to get on waiting lists to even get a chance to bring this car home.

1978 Honda Prelude

The Honda Prelude was one of the longest-running coupe Hondas in its history. Launched in 1978, the car went on to a fifth-generation model before finally getting dropped in 2001.

The company had made a very smart decision by using the Accord as a base for the car and equipping it with a much more powerful engine to attract customers. With the recent designs looking much sportier and powerful, the car had to make way for the Accord Coupe, a similar car with much more interior space and higher demand in that era.

1990 Honda NSX

Known globally as the Acura NSX supercar, this car was sold as the Honda NSX in certain corners of the world. The car had a good initial run before being discontinued in 2005, only to be reintroduced in 2016 with an improved engine.

The original 3.0-litre V6 engine was replaced by a 3.5-litre one. It further had three electric motors retrofitted in the 2016 model to produce an astonishing 600 horsepower. Produced only in Honda’s factory in Marysville, Ohio, the waiting list for this car is quite long.


The roots of an automobile company tell a lot about its prospects. Hondas have shown a lot of determination over the past years and are a perfect example that automobile companies are capable of keeping up with the changing times.

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