Supagard Products Review featuring Volvo V40 T4


Nostalgia Productions was able to obtain a not-so-brand-new but tidy Volvo V40 T4. After testing this vehicle and driving around it for weeks, we wanted to give it a good scrub down. Luckily, Supagard recently sent some products for us to try. Testing it on our new Volvo V40 T4 would be the perfect opportunity to see if these products are a must-have on our garage shelves.

In addition, the team from Supagard was kind enough to share a special discount with us and our readers. This exclusive offer is only available for a limited time, so make sure to check it out.

Car Cleaning Products Reviewed

Supagard sent us a total of three car cleaning products for us to try out. These are the Supagard pH Neutral Shampoo, the Supagard Bird and Bug Remover, and the Supagard Aqua Free no water car wash.

For an intensive review on the products sent to us by Supagard, kindly watch the video below.

Supagard Exclusive and Limited Offer: A 20% Discount for Nostalgia Productions Readers.

Using the code given to us below by Supagard, just visit the website and type in that code. Please take note that this discount is only limited to those who live in the UK and Ireland. Also, one person can only use it per transaction.

Discount Code: TAKETOTHEROAD20

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