How Can the New ULEZ Rule Affect Classic Car Owners?


Here’s a heads up for our readers. Just recently, the implementation of the new ULEZ charge in London has been started. The new protocol ULEZ stands for Ultra Low Emissions Zone. It was set in an effort to reduce the air pollution problem in the city. Motorists will levy a daily charge on cars in London, particularly in the central area.

For the big question, does this ULEZ implementation become a threat to classic cars?

The answer is no. Some owners of classic cars would definitely be affected especially if their classic cars are their only mode of transportation. They won’t be able to use their cars to travel into central London. Classic car owners won’t be able to attend any car meetups such as  Waterloo Classics Car Club or the  96 Club Rendezvous. However, the ULEZ rule does not fall on weekends.

Overall, it’s not an upsetting situation. Classic car owners would have to make a compromise in order to pass through the ULEZ zone. They would be fined an extra £11.50 charge every time they’ll take their classic cars out of the ULEZ zone. Many would be willing to pay the fine, but some wouldn’t be so eager.

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