A Rare Market Pick: The 1967 Sabra GT


When you think about countries that manufacture cars, Israel is not the first place that comes to mind. However, one company which originated from that country, Autocars of Hafia, was the first to build a very popular vehicle in their home country. This was the Sabra GT coupe which sold very well internationally.

A fiberglass-bodied model, this sports car was made available in two forms: GT coupe and roadster. Luckily, we from Nostalgia Productions came across an original and authentic 1967 Sabra GT coupe. This particular vehicle is sold by a Belgium-based classic car dealer called Octane.

The Sabra GT was kept in a pristine and original condition. Also, this 2+2 model consists of its original Ford engine which was able to cover 55,380 km of mileage. Despite the interior being in its original condition, the exterior could use some gentle hands.

Another fact for our readers out there: the founder of Autocars, Yitzhak Shubkinsky, was able to purchase the rights of the Ashley 1172 design. That’s why the Sabra GT looks like it’s a mix of an Ashley Sportiva and other vehicles in terms of body lines.

This special vehicle that we’re featuring in our market pic is actually a rare find. With only 379 models built between the year 1961 and 1968, there’s only a handful left of these limited vehicles. Not many are aware of the existence of a Sabra. This antique rarity could be a great conversation-starter in any car show.

The 1967 Sabra GT is still powered by a twin-carb engine. However, the 1.7-liter engine of this car has been given a twin Solex setup. This allows the power of the car to be boosted immensely, raising the original 61 BHP to a 90 BHP.

As of now,  Octane Cars and Classics in Belgium is putting this car on sale for an asking price of €29,000.

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