Armor All Speed Wax Wipes Product Review


The company Armor All just contacted us to try out their new series of cleaning products – the Armor All Waterless Wash and Wax. Due to the upcoming Shere Hill Climb, I really had to have my Bertone x19 cleaned. I was hesitant to use a lot of water due to the recent heatwave. Therefore, I’m opting for a cleaning method which uses little to no water. For this review, I’m gonna be trying out the Armor All Speed Wax Wipes.

The first thing I noticed from the Armor All Speed Wax Wipes was its sturdy packaging. Unlike those flimsy packaging, this must be made the way it is to hold the moisture in for a longer period of time.

I Applied the wipes in up and down strokes rather than a circular one. One wipe sheet alone was enough for the whole bonnet. Despite the sheet leaving a wet residue, it dries very quickly. Since it has a fast drying effect, you might want to avoid using a dry wipe on your car.

Overall, this product is very handy and convenient for anyone who wants to avoid a messy waxing process. It works as intended and does a very good job. Therefore, I would rate it with a score of 10/10.

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