A 1959 Ashley 1172 Restoration Project


As with all classic cars, Nostalgia Productions Market Picks clearly identifies cars produced by Ashley Laminates as works of art. A few years ago, our Market Picks featured a 1969 Ashley Sportiva GT.

Just recently, a special Ashley 1172 has caught our eye. This vehicle has apparently a long and interesting history behind it. The 1959 Ashley 1172 was utilized for competitions in the 1960s. With a photograph to back the seller’s claim, we deduced this vehicle was the real deal.

Before a restoration was done years prior, this Ashley 1172 was parked up for approximately 40 years. Now, many brand new parts were fitted into this car. These include suspension, tires, and many more. The frame and chassis were restored as well. In addition, the original Aquaplane head that this vehicle came with was kept.

Some original mementos from the car’s first purchase are being handed over to its new buyer as well. These are the original bill of sale from the year 1962, a photograph depicting its barn discovery, and the original buff log book.

This rare vehicle is quite fascinating. Even though further restoration should be done, we think it’s worth every second and penny. This vehicle is now for auction on eBay for £2,750 and with a buy-it-now price of £3,500. For more product info, check this link found here on eBay.

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